Freshwater Trail: Sundarbans Arati Kumar-Rao

follow url source link The Sundarbans is the largest unbroken stand of mangroves in the world. This richly biodiverse delta protects Bangladesh against the devastation of a rising sea. Damaged by an oil spill, at risk from increasing salinity, and threatened by an impending coal plant, the ‘Beautiful Forest’ is engaged in a fight for survival LongformFebruary 1, 2015
The Oil Spill The murky matter of an oil spill in the largest unbroken stand of mangroves in the world and the murkier cover-up. A story from the Sundarbans in Bangladesh

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A Toxic Clean-up Don’t Touch. Don’t Ingest. Don’t Inhale!
No one told the fishermen of the three hazards of heavy fuel oil. Unknowing, they did all three Shorts
Tale Of Two Studies

Get Cheap Xanax Online A UN team surveyed the Sundarbans oil spill and spoke no evil. An independent study details the havoc that was, and warns of the doom to follow ShortsMay 23, 2015
Oil Tankers Ply The Sundarbans Again

follow link May 23: Five months after a devastating oil spill, the Bangladeshi government removes a ban on oil tankers plying through the Sundarbans, endangering its main defender in the battle against climate change Longform
Killing The Hero A dirty coal-fired plant, a ship-breaking yard, petroleum reservoirs, and toxic shipping traffic gravely threaten the Sundarbans, the frontline of Bangladesh's defense against climate change

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The Black Legacy

Buy Valium Brazil On December 9, 2014, 358,000 liters of heavy fuel oil gushed into the Sundarbans. The effect on the “Beautiful Forest” was not pretty

source The Sundarbans and its delta support close to four million people. Fishing is the primary source of both food and livelihood; as fish disappear and catches diminish, a way of life is under increasing risk

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On The Brink Of Brine

Buy Xanax Legally Online The Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna empty into the Bay of Bengal, making this large active delta. The ecosystem survives on the delicate balance of freshwater and brine LongformAugust 18, 2015
Disappearing Hilsa

see All along the length of Bangladesh and especially in the ecologically rich delta, fishermen's nets had come up empty and the delta echoed with tales of woe. Where was the Hilsa?

source ShortsApril 24, 2015
How Dolphins Die

here The Bangladeshi Sundarbans are home to six types of dolphins; the Irrawaddy and Gangetic being the two main riverine species. Increasingly, however, these dolphins are falling prey to fishing nets PhotosFebruary 28, 2015
Before The Spill The Sundarbans is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These mangrove forests form a large part of the estuarine active delta of three mighty South Asian rivers: the Ganges, the Brahmaputra, & the Meghna

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This Fishing Life

here Almost four million people depend upon the Sundarbans delta in Bangladesh and almost a million live and/or work within the forest -- fisherfolk crab-catchers, honey collectors, shrimp-fishers, among others ShortsMarch 25, 2015
Pirates and Perils

follow url Fishermen in the Sundarbans traditionally battle tigers, crocodiles and the venomous eel-tailed catfish. Now they face a new, more deadly predator: river pirates

Virtually, Sundarbans

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