The Freshwater Trail

Arati Kumar-Rao

Endangered Rivers

Freshwater creatures are among the most endangered in the world

New: A Flash of Fin, A Glimmer of Hope

India's few remaining Indus river dolphins are confined to one short, beautiful stretch of the Beas. They have a fighting chance at survival only if we ensure a healthy river
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Dolphins, fishermen, and the Ganga

The Ganga-Brahmaputra basin is home to the endangered Gangetic dolphin. Dams, dredging, and impending plans for a highly trafficked waterway is now threatening the survival of this species

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The Politics Of Thirst

A burgeoning city in a dry belt, a transboundary river, and a drought

Bangalore is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. But the city lies in a dry belt with rapidly depleting sources of freshwater. What lessons does history have for its growth? What does life in the basin look like, given the various tugs and pulls on the hotly contested Cauvery waters?

The Water Culture Of The Deep Thar

A district in Rajasthan remembers old secrets to survival in the Thar Desert

The Trail Thus Far ...

Transboundary Stories: Teesta Water Sharing

India holds back Teesta river water to irrigate northern West Bengal, desiccating Bangladesh

Environmental Migrants Along The Ganges & Brahmaputra

Climate change exacerbates thoughtless anthropogenic interventions, disrupting lives and destroying livelihoods

Estuaries: The Endangered Sundarbans

The world's largest unbroken stand of mangrove forests is threatened by an oil spill, impending coal-plants, and hazardous cargo ships

A Trip Down The Sela River

September/ December 2014 | Bangladesh

Empty Nets, Imperiled Livelihoods

Millions of fishermen depend upon the estuarine ecosystem, where the river meets the sea