Freshwater Trail: Environmental Migration

source link Arati Kumar-Rao

get link Cheap Valium Buy Anthropogenic interventions seem to have cascading effects on lives and ecosystems. Land and livelihood lost, people become displaced in their own land and are often forced to migrate and live hand to mouth. This series follows the fates of environmental migrants and explores how unpredictable climate events are now exacerbating inequities on the ground

Environmental Migrants Along The Ganges, Meghna, & Brahmaputra

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Trapped In Shards India in Bangladesh in India in Bangladesh -- life for the people in the enclaves, remnants of forgotten Mughal treaties, hangs between a bloody border and a hungry river

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Shifting Sands, Shifting Lives

follow site Life on the char islands in Bangladesh's Teesta river basin is heavily dependent on water in the river. And that is controlled by upstream India Longform
When A River Runs Dry

here No water in the rivers means no fish. No fish means no money. No money means no food. The fisherman's view of the Teesta water-sharing non-agreement

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The Nowhere People

enter Loss of land & livelihood due to erosion brought on by a wildly swinging Ganges in West Bengal has led to a slew of new Environmental Refugees. This work was completed on a grant from The Asia Foundation. Photoessay
Landlords To Bed, Beggars To Rise

go here A photoessay on environmental refugees and victims of erosion from a hungry wayward Ganges, starved and interrupted by the Farakka Barrage

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Frontlines Of Erosion

Buy Valium Legally “The solution to save Calcutta port did not work, and instead it continues to wreak havoc on Northern Bengal.”

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Smothered By Sand Devastation from floods induced by increasingly severe weather events are only half the story. Swollen rivers carry sand displaced by river-bed mining and deforestation and dump it on fields, rendering them inert Photoessay
Delusion Of Dykes Assam has over 4,400 km of dykes in a bid to control a flooding Brahmaputra. Many of these are over 50 years old, neglected, weak. They breach, the river floods, people turn refugees in their own land Shorts
The Crack Readers

source Space and time is running out for the people of the north bank of the Brahmaputra as a swinging, wild river rams into their farms and homesteads and swallows it all whole. LongformAugust 18, 2015
Disappearing Hilsa

source All along the length of Bangladesh and especially in the ecologically rich delta, fishermen's nets had come up empty and the delta echoed with tales of woe. Where was the Hilsa?

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Pirates and Perils

source site Fishermen in the Sundarbans traditionally battle tigers, crocodiles and the venomous eel-tailed catfish. Now they face a new, more deadly predator: river pirates PhotosApril 29, 2015
This Fishing Life

Buy Generic Xanax From Canada Almost four million people depend upon the Sundarbans delta in Bangladesh and almost a million live and/or work within the forest -- fisherfolk crab-catchers, honey collectors, shrimp-fishers, among others