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Ovi An “Ovi”, which talks about the wolf and dhangars and the beauty of both having co-existed since ages with acceptance and respect. An Ovi is the local folk poetry in Maharashtra which are even narrated by Dhangars.

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Kalyan Varma
Environmental Photojournalist

Buy Xanax Bulk I wander under the clear blue sky
here in my solitude I ponder deep
Where the valleys and hillocks tie
I am amongst my goat and sheep

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follow site And once my herd is foraging
amidst the shades of yellow & green
I am aware of my surrounding
the swaying grass creates a radiant screen I see the pretty tiny flowers
and numerous bees and insects buzz by
With the wind the grass sways to approve
as pollinators they are a staunch ally

follow site A snake slithers an eagle hovers
a chinkara sprints a hare nibbles
The grassland that gives them food and shelter
is also full of enigma & riddles!

Buy Quality Valium Something sends my dogs on an alert
I don’t see anything but they have never lied
Suddenly his presence is felt all around
Yes, my friend, the wolf has arrived I covered long distances in search of pastures
overcame highways and cities on the way
As the family head I had to provide their needs
for us both, me and wolf, it was the same order of the day

Buy Xanax 3Mg Bars In the day he will stay over his old den
when night falls he will kill and make a run
He has a family to feed too but he is not greedy
from many a sheep he needs just the one
As I start back to my hut humming a song
no ovi is complete without his mention
He keeps us on our feet, this apex predator
the grassland is complete with his inception

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2 thoughts on “Ovi”

  1. Get Cheap Xanax Online Do not know how I happened to miss this one. This is so beautiful! Timeless and ageless as the denuded mountains and the verdant meadows themselves…
    Appease the ‘gods’ and buy your peace – the most oft used survival technique known to man, in the wild. Or, is it?

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  2. Very sophisticated expression thought. Cant believe this is folk poetry. Lovely. Need to search for any recording of this type of poetry